Content Creation

Original content is vital for standing out as a thought leader in your industry.? Constantly clicking the “share” button on content created by other people isn’t a social media strategy. Becoming a valuable source of information for your audience requires fresh content that showcases your expertise.

As journalists, we understand the power of high-quality original content. Your followers hunger for news, insights, and stories that are unique to your brand. We partner with our clients to create that content. We work closely with you to understand the ins-and-outs of your company and your industry, and we dig out the messages that you have to share.

Our team works as an extension of your team to carefully craft fully developed and expertly researched blog posts, landing pages, white papers, e-newsletters, and email drip campaigns that will keep your fans engaged. We write e-books, produce how-to videos, and create graphic-based storylines. Our dynamic team of creative professionals can help with all of your content creation needs.

Are you ready to become a thought leader in your industry, and generate the results you’ve been looking for? We’re waiting to hear from you.




Number 4 Hair Care wanted to increase online sales, and improve brand awareness with salons and stylists who could carry their products. We created a mix of custom and curated content that was both informative and aesthetically pleasing. This included how-to videos from leading stylists, product-focused photo shoots, new product launch campaigns, social posts across a variety of channels, and weekly blog posts. Our content has established Number 4 as a leader in the hair care industry and continues to drive website traffic, product sales, and overall community engagement with stylists.


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