Our Clients

We work with great companies. Organizations that care about their customers and crave new ways to understand them.

Our clients are both small to mid-sized businesses that lack either the manpower or the expertise to run a social media marketing campaign in-house, and larger corporations who may have a full marketing department but need additional direction with the digital part of their overall marketing strategy.

We’ve handled social media for more than 500 organizations, including: lawyers, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, banks, realtors, authors, retailers, dentists, HVAC companies, plumbers, chiropractors, staffing agencies, animal shelters, hospitals, fitness clubs, vitamin & supplement makers, beauty & cosmetics companies, travel agencies, vacation destinations, hotels, military organizations, ballroom dancers, fashion designers, interior designers, and many other entrepreneurs, start-ups, community organizations and non-profits. We work in both the B2B and B2C space.

We intentionally do not specialize in one industry, because one of our favorite parts of our work is the opportunity to learn about a new field. Remember, we're journalists – so we’re no strangers to research!